When your network runs dry, what do you do?

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Hiring key executives can be hard, especially in the MedTech market. Candidates need the background and skill set to lead teams and make critical decisions in a heavily regulated, high stakes industry.

Sometimes finding the right person can feel like looking for a grain of sand in a sandcastle.

Where LinkedIn falls short

As a MedTech CEO, your personal network is a carefully-cultivated group, largely composed of professionals in your industry who you know and respect. So when your network fails to produce a right-fit candidate for an important leadership role within your company, it can be difficult to know where to turn next.

When you have exhausted your personal network, your HR team many feel the default next step is to cast your net wider—using an employment search engine like LinkedIn or Indeed. The problem with this approach is that the best candidates, the people who could confidently lead your company to success, are not out job searching. They are thriving in their current roles, and many of them are already leading successful teams.

Another problem with online recruiting tools is that they can bury your hiring committee in hundreds of surface-level profiles. Things like personality, personal priorities and interpersonal strengths involve more nuance than a digital resume typically supports.

Finding top leaders involves carefully identifying and actively pursuing the right people—even people who aren’t looking for change—and presenting them with an opportunity.

Working with an executive search firm to land top leaders

Actively pursuing the right people takes a lot of work. Because you’re busy running a company, you don’t have time to vet dozens of candidates, run an active search process, collaborate with everyone involved and guide discussions in a meaningful way. That’s where an executive search firm comes in.

The goal of an executive search firm is to help you recruit key leadership team members. This includes drawing up a candidate profile that your internal team is aligned on, searching out right-fit candidates, and carefully crafting an offer that results in acceptance.

Choosing the right team

As you consider working with a recruiting firm, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Invest in a partner who will take the time to get to know your company. This includes working with your leadership team to establish a clear picture of your ideal candidate and making sure everyone is in alignment on which characteristics are most important.

Trust your hiring process to a firm who will pursue top candidates in an engaging way, investing enough time to find out what is important to them and presenting an opportunity in a way that captures their interest. Your recruiting partner should be an expert here.

Save yourself time and energy by partnering with a recruiting firm that can promise a vetted shortlist of qualified, interested and committed candidates. 

Some recruiting firms seem to operate under the philosophy that the more resumes they can blast in your direction the better. This just increases the number of people HR is putting in front of your leadership team that aren’t the right fit.

A great recruiting partner will put in the time to find you the best candidates, ensuring their skill sets and personalities fit the role like a glove.

Taking time to invest with people makes all the difference; and that means more than just one conversation. Getting to a deeper point of understanding in terms of candidates’ background and priorities—and knowing what to do with that information—is critical in helping to settle on a shortlist of potential hires. This upfront effort pays off in dividends later, resulting in better-fit candidates and more accepted offers.

You need a partner you can trust.

You want to present your internal team with a few, right-fit candidates within a critical time frame. And when you find the right person, you want to know you’re presenting them with an opportunity they can’t resist.

Allen Partners takes a consultative approach, helping you clarify exactly what you’re looking for in a leadership candidate before starting your search. We then craft a strategy with those principles in mind.

Our primary goal is to help you hire the right person. We do that by running a thorough and organized process, investing time with top candidates and presenting you with a vetted short list of right-fit leaders. Then, when we’ve identified a top candidate, we’re in a great position to tell your company story well.  Good candidates can easily dismiss a good opportunity if they don’t hear it in the right way.

Don’t wait until you’ve burned time, money and emotional expense to get it right. Many companies try to work their own hiring process without a plan for engaging with the right leaders, causing them to miss deadlines and putting an immense amount of strain on their internal team.

Trust a proven process. Get results.

In a sea of talent, technology platforms and digital profiles, the perception is that it’s easier than ever to find the right people. We know it isn’t.

Allen Partners helps companies run a better hiring process, recruit the right leaders and close offers with their top candidates. The candidates we present accept their offers 99.5% of the time and are retained at a 98.5% rate. This means you can rest easy knowing you’ll find a great leader who will match your culture and move your business forward.

Here’s how it works:

Sit down with us. We will learn who you are as a company, what you value and need, and how your culture operates.

We run the process. We focus on finding the highest quality candidates who will match your goals and help you grow.

You hire the right leader. Get the clarity and confidence you need to make an informed decision, and find great-fit candidates who compliment your vision, mission, culture and company.

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